Loren is happy to offer clients individual and small group coaching sessions for those looking to enhance or awaken the sacred creative spirit.  Loren believes that visual imagery making is a language for hidden aspects of the collective and individual Self. Loren is a consciousness guide & in tune with unleashing creative life force energy.

The process of awakening the creative spirit can be extremely liberating yet intimidating.  It can bring up vulnerability and self-criticism which are invitations to work through because there are treasures underneath the surface of those emotions. 

In these coaching sessions, Loren will guide clients to identify creative impulses and visions and offer various options in expressing these ideas.  Through techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media techniques, Loren holds a safe container for participants to enliven inner creative energy with purpose and meaning.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes.

Please inquire directly at contact info for rates and packages.